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Her Hair
2017 - 2018

Her Hair is an expanded short novella that is developed taking hair as object of research.
Hair acts as a plot to research growth (understanding the body as harvester and producer of immaterial objects and / or alienating materials), labor (analyzing architectures for listening labor), gender (taking hair as queer matter), and writing.

You can download the first draft here:

- 10-05-2018 Who Cares? A Tale Radio. Radio reading of Her Hair Two and Three. Gasworks and RCA. London. UK
- 21-04-2018 Her Hair. Exhibition of Hooks, Sheets, Joints and Her Hair One, Two and Three. Veronica. Amsterdam. NL
- 11-04-2018 Her Hair (Two) 'The Futch' catalogue. Sala Arte Joven. Madrid. ES
- 20-02-2018 Exhibition (Hooks, Sheets and Joints) and reading of Her Hair (One). Yaby. Madrid. ES
- 11-01-2018 Reading of Her Hair (One) Museu Picasso. Barcelona. ES
- 10-01-2018 Workshop and reading of Her Hair (One) Massana. Barcelona. ES
- 24-06-2018 Open Studios. Gasworks. London. UK
Hooks and holes, all are made of bioplastics or just dead stuff (gelatin, glycerine, water) that will eventually decay and decompose.

Her Hair with Caspar Heinemann. Yaby. Madrid. ES

Her Hair open studies at Gasworks. London. UK

Her Hair. Veronica. Amsterdam. NL